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Michael Cole

Early Stage Researcher, PhD Candidate, Writer

Holy War in the City of Knives

“Bill Shankly’s oft-repeated quip about football being more important than life and death surely wasn’t intended to be taken so literally, but these guys don’t mess around”

Cats, Branding and the Radical Right

“What if academic researchers were not the only ones employing their beloved pets to engage people they otherwise have little or nothing in common with?”

One of the People

“This might mean drinking a pint of beer in the local pub, posing with a beloved pet, or passionately supporting the national football team”

The People’s Game

“As for all this post-truth politics of alternative facts and fake news that we’re now so familiar with, well, that was mastered by football managers long before Donald Trump decided to open a Twitter account”

My Projects

Early Stage Researcher

” I’m only setting myself up for the next reminder that in Ukraine you really never do know what you’re going to get”

Regional Editor Russia

“It was clear from the outset that Putin and his media team had quickly become masters of this new breed of hybrid borefare”

Banana Populism

“As Hancock ungracefully flings himself from one two-foot high wall to another, perhaps for the first time in his political career he was actually saying something entirely believable”